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DAY 1: SEPTEMBER 29, 2022


Chair: Dr. Michelle F. Rodriguez 
Co-Chair: Dr. Romerico F. Torres

1:30 pm

Opening Ceremonies 


1:45 pm

Algorithms: The How To of Fertility Preservation

Dr. Gladys G. Tanangonan

2:10 pm

Pre-Pubertal Ovarian Tissue and Testicular Cryopreservation

Dr. Arby Roque-Igualada
Dr. Nikko J. Magsanoc

2:40 pm

Open Forum


2:55 pm

Aspects to Consider When Using Ovarian Tissue From Prepubertal Girls for Fertility Preservation

Prof. Claus Yding Andersen (Denmark)

3:20 pm

Fertility Preservation for Genetic Diseases leading to Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI)

Prof. Claus Yding Andersen (Denmark)

3:45 pm

Open Forum



Chair: Dr. Dennis G. Lusaya 
Co-Chair: Dr. Anna Belen I. Alensuela

4:00 pm

Industry Sponsored Lecture - Merck
Ovarian Stimulation Cycles in Fertility Preservation

Dr. Virgilio M. Novero Jr.

4:25 pm

GnRH Agonist and hCG Trigger in controlled Ovarian Stimulation

Prof. Eileen M. Manalo

4:50 pm

Industry Sponsored Lecture - Abbott
Progestin Primed Ovarian Stimulation in Fertility Preservation

Prof. Antonio La Marca (Italy)

5:20 pm

Oocyte Vitrification for Fertility Preservation both for non-Medical and Medical Reasons

Dr. Maria Jesusa B. Banal-Silao

5:45 pm

Open Forum


DAY 2: SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

Elections:  8:00 AM - 1:00 PM


Chair: Prof. Eileen M. Manalo
Co-Chair: Dr. Danilo Jose C. Milla

1:00 pm

Cross Border Issues in Fertility Preservation
Third Party IVF: Surrogacy, Egg, Sperm, Embryo Donation, Mitochondrial Transfer

Dr. Margaret Joyce Cristi-Limson


Ethical Issues in Fertility Preservation

Dr. Doris R. Benavides

1:40 pm

Innovations in Fertility Preservation: Extending the Benefits of Discoveries from Cancer Patients to Healthy Women

Prof. Kutluk Oktay USA

2:15 pm

Reproductive Outcomes in Fertility Preservation
In Women: Where are we in 2022? Are we rising to the challenge?

Prof. Jacques Donnez Belgium

2:45 pm

Social Egg Freezing: Quo Vadis?

Prof. Zion Ben-Rafael Israel

3:10 pm

Open Forum



Chair: Dr. Virgilio M. Novero Jr.
Co-Chair: Dr. Ma. Isidora Yap-Garcia

3:30 pm

Generating Gametes, Artificial Ovaries and Emerging Techniques in Fertility Preservation

Dr. Virgilio M. Novero Jr.

3:50 pm

Barriers and Opportunities in Setting Up a Fertility Preservation Program for Cancer Patients in Low-Resource Settings

Dr. Rudie Frederick B. Mendiola

4:15 pm

Industry Sponsored Lecture – Biofemme

Clomiphene Citrate and Micronized Progesterone: Partners from Reproduction to Conception

Dr. Romerico F. Torres

4:30 pm

The Local and International Legal Issues Surrounding Fertility Preservation

Lawyer - Prof. Antonio D. Rebosa
Pediatrician - Dr. Michelle F. Rodriguez
Gynecologist - Dr. Danilo Jose C. Milla
Urologist - Dr. Marlon P. Martinez

5:15 pm

Open Forum


5:35 pm

Annual Business Meeting


6:35 pm

Closing Remarks

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Guest Speakers

September 29, 2022 - Day 1

September 30, 2022 - Day 2


September 29, 2022

PLENARY - 1:30 PM - 6:00 PM

September 30, 2022

PLENARY - 1:00 PM - 6:40 PM

Evaluation Forms

This will be available at the end of the sessions.

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